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Kanika 18cm Crab Stick (1KG)

Kanika 18cm Crab Stick (1KG)
Kanika 18cm Crab Stick (1KG)
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KANIKA CRAB STICK 18CM is a variation of a frozen steamboat product that is selected by Kanika due to its great texture and wonderful taste that speaks premium for itself. Crab sticks, crab sticks, imitation crab meat or seafood sticks are a type of seafood made of starch and finely pulverized white fish that has been shaped and cured to resemble the leg meat of snow crab or Japanese spider crab. It is a product that uses fish meat to imitate shellfish meat.


Product Specification

Origin: Thailand

Storage Type: Frozen

Weight: +-1kg

Shelf Life: 24mths

Halal Certification: Halal

Quantity: 1Pack


Instruction for Use: Defrost and ready to cook

Recipe Ideas:

  • Deep Fried with Dipping Sauce
  • Steamed/boiled
  • Steamboat
  • Pair with Salad

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