About Us
A little story about Kanika
Since day one of our inception, Kanika has always been guided by a simple philosophy of providing top quality frozen food.

Food is an obsession here at Kanika. The entire experience – from preparation to cooking, from presentation to eating – is one of the greatest pleasures of life.

Which is why we take our frozen food very seriously. We know what an important responsibility it is to be providing ingredients that will end up on the tables in tens of thousands of homes each day. So, whether it is slicing cod fish or arranging a gorgeous bowl of ebiko; whether it is frying a breaded shrimp or heating up a sumptuous pastry, we care very much what’s on your plate.

That is why we go at length to find the best. If you have seen how we fuss over a tiny piece of scallop; if you have heard us debate about the colour of the packaging; if you have seen how we discard food items that barely failed our high standards, you know how seriously we take food.

When that piece of food ingredient follows you home from the supermarket, you know with confidence it’ll bring you nothing but delight.

At Kanika, it is more than just the quality frozen food that we take so seriously. Over the years, we have filled millions of plates. But beyond that, we filled homes with laughter, tables with warmth, and souls with happiness.

Our Vision

To bring delight to the table, colour to the plate and nutrition for the soul.

Our Mission

To provide the ingredients for a fulfilling meal.

Our Values
We feel strongly and care for how our products positively affect our customers.
We emphasize on a gastronomical experience that gives great delight; our products are very pleasing, our packaging is beautiful and charming.
We are constantly innovating and improving ourselves.
We believe that food forms the foundation of the quality of our lives.
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