Why Us?

What Drives Us?

Kanika promotes a life philosophy that food brings delight. Food connects people, brings smiles to our faces and brightens our day. Our tagline encapsulates what drives us each day.

“To bring delight to the plate and life.”

Food has many purposes – one of them is to bring happiness. For us, food isn’t just a way to fill our stomach; it has immense power to bring delight and richness into our lives. Whether it is the colourful kaleidoscope of a steamboat at home or a quick dinner by a busy executive, Kanika wants to enrich your lives.

We do this by firstly thinking deeply about what is on our plate. Is it beautiful? Is the presentation appealing? Is it easy to cook and prepare? Is it delightful when we consume it? Do we complement our meals with laughter and love? If the answer is ‘yes’ to these questions, then our job is done.

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